Unseat Stephen Crabb Event

We were delighted to be a part of the Unseat Stephen Crabb in Haverfordwest on the 14th October.

Inspirational speakers, including Owen Jones (columnist and commentator at the Guardian) and Thomas from our own group talked about Austerity Britain and why it was essential to change the face of politics.

Thomas spoke of his own experiences on a zero hours contract and why it makes us all poorer.

Grass roots campaigning will mean the difference in wards like these where margins are so small.

Preseli Pembrokeshire is particularly important as Stephen Crabb is now universally disliked and would not win another election. His most recent election win was with a majority of merely 314.

His current disgraces are hung on a background of non achievement. Crabb was famously the most short-lived Welfare Secretary since 1945; only lasting four months (March-July 2016).

Perhaps very soon he’ll also be ex MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire.

Unseat Stephen Crabb event with Owen Jones

Unseat Stephen Crabb event with Owen Jones