Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Labour Party supports WASPI

Ammanford and Amman Valley WASPI Group


Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP would like to give our support and solidarity to local WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaigners in the constituency. Our parliamentary candidate Maria Carroll is a WASPI woman herself and has recently been in touch with Ammanford and Amman Valley WASPI Group. The group holds a demo every Saturday morning at 12 noon on A483 Bonllwyn Green, joining with groups all over the UK in protest of the government changes to state pension.

WASPI fights injustice to women born in the 1950s who are affected by changes to state pension laws (1995/2011 acts), fighting to achieve fair transitional state pension arrangements.

The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s state pension age (SPA) to 65 – the same as men’s.

While WASPI agrees with equalisation, what it does not agree with is the unfair way the changes were implemented.

One of the coordinators of the group, Susan Hughes said of the changes: “Women were giving little or no notice of these changes, many are suffering real hardship and many work on despite ill health as they are forced to do.”

On Wednesday 20th March 2019 there will be WASPI campaigners present outside the Sennedd, lobbying AMs before a motion is heard on how the Welsh Government can further support women affected by changes to state pension.

Ammanford and Amman Valley WASPI group key dates: 

March 30th 2019 11.30am at Ammanford Pensioners Hall – WASPI fundraiser with cake, merchandise and information stall, followed by their weekly Wall of Women demo which will also be held at Ammanford Pensioners Hall.

May 12th 2019 3pm Ammanford Miners Welfare – Members of the CLP will be attending a meeting hosted by Ammanford and Amman Valley WASPI group to speak to members regarding Labour’s commitment to supporting WASPI’s fight for pension justice. Jocelyn Morgan along with Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards will also be in attendance.

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    1. Claudia Cannon Post Author

      Dear Carol,

      Political parties do have at the time of an election, access to the electoral register but there are issues with the use of the data.
      Firstly, date of birth is no longer included due to privacy regulations.
      Secondly the use of the data is restricted to the specific use for which it has been supplied, that is campaigning for the election period.
      It may be that we can ask the local authority if it holds that data to provide it and we will make that request.
      In the past that data was made available to political parties but in line with data regulations at the end of each election we are required to delete the information, which we do. To not do so would be unlawful and of course disrespect the confidentiality of voters.
      So we in the Labour Party have no historic data to look at.
      But we will take and we have taken steps to get a figure that is Carmarthenshire specific.
      In order to do so we would have to inform the authority of the exact reason the data is needed.
      Perhaps you could let us know so that we can further our enquires.
      You can get in touch via email:

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